01.06.2015 21:58

Helena Horska is an acknowledged expert in the field of monetary policy and its practical implication. She is author of publications in the field of monetary policy. As a part of her Ph.D. study at the University of Economics in Prague and Advanced Studies Program at Kiel Institute of World Economics she published research papers on inflation targeting. She received the award “The Young Economist in 2001”. 

Her public or professional presentations are dynamic and engaging. She possesses of a quick sense of humor and a flair for detecting the signals in the noise. Her strong suit is to explain complex topics in a simple concise manner.

These days Helena holds the position of chief economist of Raiffeisenbank in Prague. Besides this she actively contributes to the economic think-thank project “Alter-Eko” and gives the lectures of economics at universities. She is involved in professional discussions and writes for periodicals including Respekt. All new and unknown in the field of monetary policy is exciting for her. Helena’s purpose is to stimulate the discussion and search for the simple answers to unanswered questions.